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BlockWealth, developed by the blockchain investment specialists of BlockBay Capital, is the most advanced crypto solution for wealthy individuals. BlockWealth is the dynamic long-term investment strategy that maximizes exposure to the blockchain technology by investing in promising cryptocurrencies in the most safe and secure way.

Investment Process

BlockWealth consists of selected high quality cryptocurrencies that form in their combination an unique way to achieve the best long-term risk and return performance.

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Amongst other factors, the investment process of BlockWealth relies on both qualitative and quantitative research. We build on our investment knowledge and blockchain expertise by investing in established and high potential blockchain projects. Our long-term vision and structured investment process enables us to navigate through short-term volatility and to achieve the goals of our investors.

Your investment

Within a total portfolio perspective, we see BlockWealth as a solution that enhances the return perspectives from the portfolio and potentially as a diversifier in case of market stress. We ensure that an investment in BlockWealth is a responsible one that accounts for your personal circumstances.


The minimum investment in BlockWealth is 1.5 Bitcoin. Please contact us for more information about the investment opportunities in BlockWealth.