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The world is ready for the blockchain revolution. Invest with BlockBay Capital in the future. 

BlockBay Capital is the first Dutch wealth manager specialized in cryptocurrency. We invest in the most safe and secure way in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

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BlockWealth is the long-term investment solution that invests in promising cryptocurrencies in the most safe and secure way. The minimum investment in BlockWealth is 1.5 Bitcoin.

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BlockBay Capital provides both new and current cryptocurrency investors from an independent perspective leading investment products and solutions.

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BlockBay Capital is the partner for wealth managers and family offices. We select and provide investment opportunities from an independent perspective.

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BlockBay Capital researches cryptocurrency and blockchain investment opportunities from an independent perspective and supports new blockchain projects.

What We Offer

BlockBay Capital offers products and services related to blockchain and cryptocurrency to both private and professional investors.

BlockBay Capital developed BlockWealth, the cryptocurrency investment solution.

The goal of BlockBay Capital is to create long-term value for our investors by drawing upon our skills, network, experiences and expertise.

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About BlockBay

BlockBay Capital started with a dream to challenge current long-term investment propositions by providing a safe and secure way of investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The combination of our investment and blockchain knowledge proves to be extremely valuable in today’s markets.

Discover how BlockBay Capital adds value for our clients in a challenging environment.

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Why invest with BlockBay Capital?


Fair about market expectations. No speculation, fundamental research leads to our investment decisions.

Long-term focus

Our long-term investment horizon enables our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.


BlockBay Capital is not affiliated with any bank or financial party, we are there for our clients.