Research and Funding

Research and Funding
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BlockBay Capital assists blockchain projects with the financial aspects of their project. Our independent role provides unique investment insights in cryptocurrency and blockchain at your presentation or event.

Blockchain projects and initiatives

BlockBay Capital supports blockchain projects and initiatives from an independent perspective with the funding and realisation of their concept.

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We build on our investment skills, blockchain knowledge and network to provide an active contribution on the future success of the project. Market knowledge, access to funding and our network proves to be valuable for blockchain start-ups that wish to take the next steps. We set high standards for the projects that we work with, please contact us to learn more about the role and demands of BlockBay Capital in blockchain projects.

Events and media

BlockBay Capital is available for events and presentation to provide interesting insights about future expectations of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We make sure that our information is clear and understandable for your audience. Your guests will learn new things that are relevant for them.

Cryptocurrency Investment Funds, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Funds

BlockBay Capital is interested to learn more about professional cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Contact us if you are working for a cryptocurrency investment fund, hedge fund or venture capital fund. Please disclose a clear description of your investment strategy, team overview and track record with your message.

Research and funding

  • Our collaboration are objective and unbiased
  • We integrate our knowledge and research in our investment decisions
  • We are a true partner for blockchain related projects and initiatives

We challenge start-ups en developers to deliver solutions to real world problems

We provide an independent and exclusive investment perspective on cryptocurrency and the blockchain theme on events and presentations

The in-house research of BlockBay Capital ensures that we can share factual knowledge with the media and press