Professional Investors

Professional Investors
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BlockBay Capital is the partner for wealth managers and family offices. Our independent role ensures that we can select and manage investment opportunities to you and your clients. We provide an active follow-up, monitoring and management of the cryptocurrency investments. We are on the market and keep you updated on relevant developments, risks and opportunities. The global network of BlockBay Capital ensures that you stay updated on blockchain venture investment opportunities.

Wealth managers

BlockBay Capital provides independent advice and investment solutions about blockchain and cryptocurrency to wealth managers. BlockBay Capital is available for you and your clients to answer any question about blockchain, cryptocurrency and investment opportunities.

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BlockBay Capital wishes to explore opportunities to invest a small percentage of the clients total assets in cryptocurrency and blockchain. We acknowledge the importance of your confidential relationship with the client and the achievement of the clients financial goals and objectives. As a wealth manager, you benefit from our services by proposing unique investment solutions to your clients. We are confident that these solutions will strengthen your client relationship in the long term.  Under supervision of the wealth manager, BlockBay Capital provides investment governancen over investments undertaken. Within our services, discretion, transparancy and security are core values. BlockBay Capital is available for wealth managers and the clients of the wealth manager to inform them about investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Family Offices

BlockBay Capital accompanies family offices from an independent perspective to determine the right investment approach for blockchain and cryptocurrency. We make our knowledge available to you and the family to provide clear insights about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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The involvement of multiple generations with the family wealth may lead to interesting insights going forward. We help family offices to use these insights to establish a solid investment strategy. BlockBay Capital is on the market to ensure that we can provide value to you as a family office. If desired, we provide clear investment opportunities. The size of family offices ensures that family offices have access to unique blockchain and cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Blockchain ventures

Our global network ensures that our clients have exclusive acccess to investments in blockchain ventures, tokens and blockchain projects.


We use our cryptocurrency, blockchain and investment knowledge to select the industry leaders of investments in the blockchain technology, digital assets and cryptocurrency. Investment opportunities arise as a result of the rapid development of blockchain and increasing (institutional) investments. The developments are in such a pace that it is nearly impossible to stay well informed. BlockBay Capital makes sure that you receive your desired information in a timely and confident manner, thereby enhancing the investment due diligence process.

Our services for professional investors

  • Independent advice and guidance
  • Maximum discretion and confidentially
  • Tailor-made investments in blockchain ventures, tokens and blockchain projects

BlockBay Capital is privately owned and not linked to a bank or other financial party. Our independent role provides benefits to you and your clients.

BlockBay Capital acknowledges the importance of the long term relationship that you as a professional investor have with your client. We ensure that you can strengthen the relationship with your client.

BlockBay Capital makes sure that you are updated on market developments and on interesting investment opportunities in blockchain ventures and tokens.