Private Investors

Private Investors
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BlockBay Capital is specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. Our independent role allows us to present suitable and personal investment solutions. In addition, BlockBay Capital provides independent advice to wealthy crypto entrepreneurs. In our opinion, wealth originating from crypto assets deserves the best treatment available.

New cryptocurrency investors

The knowledge and research of BlockBay Capital ensures that you are invested in cryptocurrency in the best way possible. The combination of the cryptocurrency knowledge of BlockBay Capital and secure storage ensures that we are able to offer the best way of investing in cryptocurrencies to our clients. We find it extremely important that an investment in cryptocurrency is the right one for you. Our proposed investment solution is always in line with your personal wishes, circumstances and takes a leading role in your total portfolio. The strategy will be executed in the best way possible, continuous risk management is applied to your investments to ensure that your goals are achieved. The investment processes of BlockBay Capital ensures that your investments in crypto assets are structured in the best and secure way possible. In addition to BlockWealth, we provide tailor-made investment solutions.


BlockWealth, developed by the blockchain investment specialists of BlockBay Capital, is the most advanced crypto solution for wealthy individuals. BlockWealth is the dynamic long-term investment strategy that maximizes exposure to the blockchain technology by investing in promising cryptocurrencies in the most safe and secure way. Within a total portfolio perspective, we see BlockWealth as a solution that enhances the return perspectives from the portfolio and potentially as a diversifier in case of market stress. We ensure that an investment in BlockWealth is a responsible one that accounts for your personal circumstances.

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Current cryptocurrency investors

BlockBay Capital offers special services to investors that have a large part of their total wealth in crypto assets.

We recognize the new and exciting challenges that cryptocurrency entrepeneurs have. Our experiences are valuable for cryptocurrency entrepeneurs that are looking for a partner that helps managing their wealth. Our role as a trusted advisor ensures that the right decisions are taken and that there is time to effectively manage the cryptocurrency portfolio. Our network and knowledge allows us to guide the transition van cryptocurrency to fiat currency and possible other investments. In addition to investment management, we help cryptocurrency entrepeneurs with legal, fiscal and financial matters. Discretion and confidentially are self-evident for us.

Our services for private investors

  • Invest in BlockWealth or a tailor-made solution
  • Contact with your personal advisor
  • Independent guidance of cryptocurrency entrepeneurs
  • Active and dynamic portfolio

Our clients have access to all markets.

Our analysts provide our clients with regular insights on interesting opportunities.

We are independent in every investment decision we take. We are privately owned and not affiliated to a bank or other financial party.