What We Do

What We Do
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Excellent solutions.

We provide leading solutions and clear products in a challenging environment. Our focus is on long-term investments, centered around the blockchain theme. We navigate our clients through periods of extreme volatility by creating leading products that are based on our future expectations and established research methods.

Our research and global network allows us to stay ahead of market developments and to quickly anticipate on and invest in promising cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

Private Investors

New Cryptocurrency Investors

BlockWealth, developed by the blockchain investment specialists of BlockBay Capital, is the most advanced crypto solution for wealthy individuals. BlockWealth is the dynamic long-term investment strategy that maximizes exposure to the blockchain technology by investing in promising cryptocurrencies in the most safe and secure way.

Within a total portfolio perspective, we see BlockWealth as a solution that enhances the return perspectives from the portfolio and potentially as a diversifier in case of market stress. We ensure that an investment in BlockWealth is a responsible one that accounts for your personal circumstances.

The minimum investment in BlockWealth is 1.5 Bitcoin.

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Current Cryptocurrency Investors

BlockBay Capital provides services for individuals that have significant cryptocurrency holdings. We advise you on and provide clear solutions on topics related to investments, legal, tax and finance in general. Our independent role ensures that your goals are achieved, your risks are managed and your wealth is structured in the best way possible.

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Professional Investors

Wealth Managers

Wealth managers receive more and more questions about blockchain and cryptocurrencies from their clients. Our independent role ensures that we are the right party to service you and your clients. Questions about blockchain and cryptocurrency are answered in the best way possible. We work together with you as a wealth manager to provide value for the client.

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Family Offices

BlockBay Capital offers an unique and professional view on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments for family offices. The involvement of multiple generations in the family wealth makes that there is an interesting case for family offices. We help family offices to explore opportunities and to manage the risks of an investment in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are challenged by family offices to deliver the best solution possible. Discretion, quality and transparancy are extremely important for us in our family office servicing.

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Investments in Blockchain Ventures

The global network of BlockBay Capital allows our clients to exclusively access investments in blockchain ventures, tokens and blockchain projects. BlockBay Capital selects the global industry leaders in the areas of blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain Projects and Initiatives

BlockBay Capital is dedicated to collaborate with blockchain initiatives that support future economic growth. Our business perspective provides renewed insights and opportunities for blockchain projects.

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Events and media

BlockBay Capital provides at your event an unique insight and perspective on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities that we offer to give your event a boost.

Press can reach us via press@blockbaycapital.com for our opinion on changes in the regulatory environment and recent market developments.

Cryptocurrency Investment Funds, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Fund

BlockBay Capital is interested to learn more about professional cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Contact us if you are working for a cryptocurrency investment fund, hedge fund or venture capital fund. Please disclose a clear description of your investment strategy, team overview and track record with your message.

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